January 28, 2010



Check out this website. Who knows when you might need this.

LycraVIDEO Fashion Shoot with Dylan Roberts Quinn

This video was Corinne's idea. Its a parody of NylonTV videos starring various young women celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Mary Kate Olson and others. Anna Bartlett stars as Dylan Roberts Quinn, a former child star and budding model.

Entertainment Center

Here I am trying to put together an entertainment center that I got from a friend, with no instructions. I sped it up ten times.

January 24, 2010

The rain tossed itself against the window pane and almost effortlessly careened down onto the sill outside. Tomoro half sat, half laid on the inside sill and watched the small droplets form, diverge, reform and at last all gather at the bottom of the window. He looked tired and sheepish. His hair was not kept, as he never kept his hair or even considered his hair. He wore no shirt but did have on a pair of Power Rangers pajama pants. He sat with his head in his hands and watched the gray events transpire in front of him.
        "Gloppity-glop-glop a glop-eeene a glop-glop," Tomoro said to no one or for no particular reason.

Tomoro turned and looked around the room. It was dark for the middle of the day. No lights were on in his bedroom but the light seemed rather shadowy and dark. He turned with a look and slight sound of disgust back to the window. He threw himself off the window sill and walked out into the hall.

His younger brother Max lay in the hall on the floor. Tomoro stepped over Max and turned to face him.

        "What are you doing here," Tomoro asked.
        "I'm counting how many times you get up from your bed and walk around the house and come back all sad."
        "I'm not sad," Tomoro said, as he plopped himself down onto the floor beside Max.
        "Well, how come you sound so boring and tired today? You're normally never so sad looking," Max said.
        "I guess I just really wanted to go outside today."
        "I'll go outside with you," Max offered and almost jumped off the ground. He stared at Tomoro, poised to jump into action.
        "No, Mom will never let us go outside now."
        "Yea, you're probably right."

Tomoro sat up, putting his elbows on his knees and holding his head in his hands again. He looked down at the carpet. He started to play with a loose fiber and he helped it fray an inch or two to the wall.

        "I'm going to go check on Mom."

Tomoro stood up and walked off. He went down the stairs and into the living room. On the television was a large-faced man yelling into a microphone.

       "Socialize healthcare. That's socialism. They want us to socialize everything we know. How would you like the government telling you what to put into your water or telling you what type of medications to take? I'm telling you its the greatest tragedy of our lifetime..."

Tomoro turned off the television and walked into the kitchen. Tomoro's mother was talking on the phone and intermittently feeding the baby, Tomoro's little sister, Molly. He walked up to his mother and hugged her around the legs.

       "Why'd you turn off the tv, hon, I was watching that," she said to him. She picked up the remote, leaned to where she could aim the remote control at the tv and turned it on from the kitchen. Tomoro let go of her.

Tomoro's mother went back to talking on the phone about the lack of a Republican agenda before Senator Brown's election last week. She was feeding Molly mashed bananas. Tomoro liked the smell. He took the spoon from his mother's hand. She looked on curiously. Tomoro scooped up some mashed 'naner and aimed for Molly's mouth. She saw it coming, opened up and chewed on the bananas. She had a gooky substance stuck to her nose and cheeks. Old bananas. Molly looked at Tomoro as she chewed up the bite. She smiled and laughed as she looked at him. She smacked her hands together and banged on the high chair she sat in. Her hands landed in the small bowl of mashed bananas and the bowl flew onto the floor. Molly didn't seem to notice.

Tomoro bent down and picked it up. Banana parts were now slung onto the floor and parts of the high chair, not to mention Molly's hands. Tomoro's mother looked at him, bent down and kissed him on the forehead. She helped him pick up the banana remains and tossed them into the garbage can. He went to the table and sat down.

       "Mom, can Max and I go outside and play in the rain for a while?"
       "As long as you cover up good and wear your rain boots," Tomoro's mother said to him.

In the first bit of excitement for the day, Tomoro ran upstairs to his brother. They both rushed around putting on jeans, rain jackets and galoshes. Tomoro and his brother tossed themselves out against the weather and effortlessly splashed into the puddles outside. Again, Tomoro watched the droplets form, diverge, reform and at last all gather on the ground beneath him. He no longer looked tired and sheepish.

January 23, 2010

So I screwed up. I failed on my second day. That's pathetic. But I honestly wasn't around a computer that I could use all day. It was rather nice not to be around a computer yesterday. I took a trip back to where I grew up. I didn't have a great time. I went to see my family and got berated for being a liberal. Happens every time. I ordered a big beer at a Mexican restaurant and they brought out a mug and a small pitcher full. I got to see some good friends. I went to a bar so packed full of beautiful, tall people huddled around each other I had to fight to get to the bar. That's the story of my life. My friend won a raffle for free beer from eight to ten p.m., but at eight forty-five when we got there they were out of Bud Light. Only the Bud Light kegs were for the raffle. So we went downstairs where they had another bar in a club-like room with spinning lights and loud speakers. The girl told us they too were out of Bud Light, but she would give us two Miller High Life drafts each. This is when my friend, who had been complaining of a head-ache, went to bathroom to throw up. He wasn't drunk. He didn't drink anything before we got there. So I drank the two free beers and we decided to leave the basement club thumping away in downtown Charlotte.

Walking back to the car, my friend threw up again in a planter beside a bar in front of the Bobcats' arena. We then went to a bar in NoDa, a trendy section of Charlotte. A bit more my style. We had a few drinks and decided to call it a night pretty early. I was a bit sloshy however. Too sloshy. I smoked a cigarette back at my friend's house. I didn't feel very well. I started acting weird. Despondent, unclear, slowed, irrational, alien. I asked my friend if I looked strange. Did I look pale? Was I turning green? I was sweating but also freezing cold. I kept telling my friend I didn't want to vomit. I hate vomiting. The irony of my being able to reason I knew I was going to vomit with the realization of not being able to stop the inevitability of my vomiting was too much to bear. If I wasn't disabled so as not to be able to reason and realize, why did I have to vomit? I'm strong-willed and courageous. Couldn't I stop this?

These futile thoughts only made the thrashing more prolonged and painful. I drank some water and looked at myself in the mirror above the sink. I appeared alien to myself. I looked at myself with tunnel vision; my attention span the size of a quarter on my skin. Everything else just seemed to stretch into a blur as the roving tunnel vision danced across my profile. My freckles seemed to blur together and move around as though the very muted light in a shadow were suddenly shot still for a split second and burst back into motion, and you were left with that instant image of the still light burned into your memory and the contrast fades slowly on your irises.

But I began to think. I needed to hurry this up. Out in the rest of the house, my friend was watching a live Phish DVD at godly volumes. I needed to lay down and soon. I quickly got down onto the floor and into position. The minutiae of your skin cells are of no importance now; you're going to throw up, I thought. So, I looked down at the upward angle in the toilet disappearing into the rear of the commode. It came pretty easily enough. Brown, soupy chunks. I felt a bit better. I went out into the den, but the lights and music were too much for me and I quickly retreated like a rat back into my hole of the bathroom. I lay down on the floor and dozed off for a bit. I woke up with my friend trying to rouse me. I got up with him and walked back out into the den. I was discussing with him my experience in the bathroom. I realized I wasn't finished and ran back into the bathroom for the topper. I puked again, this time a slightly-colored, mostly liquid formula. I heaved several times indicating I had purged it all. I lay down again on the rug and closed my eyes. My head got clearer. I felt much better, of course. I felt a rush of closure and finality. I must get to sleep. I was freezing. I went out into the den and it was dark. In the bedroom, my friend was asleep. I looked around for a blanket and found a small, thin one. This wouldn't do. I grabbed my keys and went outside to my car, where I got my sleeping bag out of my trunk.

Once inside, I opened up the mummy-style sleeping bag and curled it on top of me. I snuggled into it and fell immediately asleep.

Found this site tonight. British man talks when sleeping and his wife records what he says here. Pretty damn strange and funny.

January 21, 2010

Working the evening news.

Jason Boyer, Frank Fraboni and Tammy Watford during the 5:30 show, Thursday.

Blog Nuts 'n' Bolts>Challenge>500 Words a Day for Two Weeks>I'm With Coco

In January 2007, I created a blog at http://arhillberry.blogspot.com, which no longer exists. I created it under the premise that I could use this as a venue to show off my and some of my fellow students' and friends' ideas and opinions on news and other stuff. They didn't really take to it. Somebody cared.

Ok, so, next I reworked it to focus on my work, talents and try to corral more work. I was trying to develop an online resume where I could deposit and post links and things as I complete them. It sort of fell by the wayside as I was in college and doing other things. Also I didn't have the means and resources to complete a lot of things and quickly post them. And the things I was working on were pretty amateur and crappy. Nothing I'd want to share with the world.

The site sort of sat there with little to no traffic. It was ugly, formatted incorrectly, and posted in a very unattractive or readable manner. I tried to post links to videos instead of embedding them. I used a large, obnoxious photo at the header and I looked stupid. The site looked stupid. I would update, somewhat, every 6 months or so, but it wasn't great stuff. Pretty boring.

Recently, I erased the site, saving some of the content. I attached this new blogspot to my Gmail account and began anew. So, here I've been trying to polish all of the old stuff and most of it is posted here; below here: Older videos and some things I wrote, etc.

Now, my idea is to try to get more traffic to my blog and show off a bit more of what I can do, in the hopes that I will then practice and 'do' more. Now I am challenging myself to write between 200 and 500 words a day, on whatever I want and can think up to write, and interesting to the people. It probably won't be interesting, as some blogs are, but it could be. And that's all I care about. For the first day, this is all I want to do. Explain it to myself so the challenge and idea sounds more pragmatic.

Also, I'm feelin' down about The Tonight Show. I'm with Coco. I'm all about Coco. I watch the show and it's the best its ever been with Conan. Its great. And with the way other NBCers discuss it, like on SNL, Leno, the News, Fallon, even ABC and Fox, its sad, tragic, funny, and ultimately, the whole situation seems stupid. The old people are more important to ratings and local affiliates than the message and what their doing to Conan, his show, his staff, and his fans. He's marginalized. It makes for great tv, but its sad because we were all adjusting. It doesn't matter what he does, because his fans are loyal and will follow him wherever he goes. And it hurts my image of NBC, as I thought they were the best network around, and I work for an ABC station. Its disheartening. 518 words.

January 13, 2010

January 10, 2010


Editing Showreel. Thanks Barry.

January 9, 2010

Hunger or lust? I'm so confused.

Drew this cuz I was bored at work and had a similar quandary. Reminds me of Babycakes, wherever he is.

Floating Action at Union Hall, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Floating Action played at a Park The Van Records party in Brooklyn. I got there late so I only got three songs, and "Sunlight", not even all of it. The rest are really good. Go see this band. Myspace here.

Barnborn (show)

Both of these videos were shot at Corinne's house in Asheville. "Brunch" is simply me having some fun and recording a pleasant sunday brunch. "Charlie's Got A Problem" was mostly shot by Chris Zweifel, stars me as Charlie, Brian Gallagher, Casey Hymel, Justin Holt from ASDFGHJ's and "un", Corinne Longman, and Kyle Stephens from "The Manuscript". We sort of decided to shoot something on the spot and insta-produced the thing for about an hour. It was supposed to be the beginning of our show "Barnborn(show)".

bell hooks speaks at the Burton Street Community Center and Peace Gardens, Asheville, NC, June, 2009

The video speaks for itself.

Videos from Hatch Asheville

Varied videos shot and posted during Hatch Asheville 2009 last March. Eliza Jimenez, Joe Wilcox, Benjamin Taylor, and Angi West are just a few seen here and attending Hatch events.

Lunde Gras 2008 Jazz Jam at Dragon's Den, New Orleans

A soaring ten-minute crazy-improv jazz jam well suited to Lunde Gras in evil 'Nawlins.

The Lower 9th Ward - Years Later in 2008

I visited New Orleans right after graduating in May 2008. We went on one our last days to visit the Lower 9th Ward, where the levees breached after Hurricane Katrina passed through Lousiana. This slideshow is compromised of most of the photos I took during our tour. It was raining a lot and the news around town was the levees were still leaking. There was trash and debris everywhere.

A.S.D.F.G.H.J.'s - "un"

A.S.D.F.G.H.J.'s, the mind-to-song project by Justin Holt, presents the song, "un", from the debut, yet unreleased album, "Turn It On, Genator". We wrote, directed and edited the video together. I hope you enjoy it.

The Manuscript (2008)

My 2008 Asheville 48 Hour Film Festival submission, The Manuscript, starring Kyle Stephens.

Urban News - Citizens Unite Against Partisan Elections System Change - July 2007 Issue

Grassroots movement challenges City Council’s decision to move Asheville election system to a partisan system, which would require candidates unaffiliated to a particular political party to gather 2250 signatures to appear on the ballot on Election Day.


Urban News - Sen. Obama Visits Greenville, SC - July 2007 Issue

Sen. Barack Obama took his campaign to Greenville, SC, giving a speech to about 2,500 people in McAllister Plaza, where he discussed his beginning in law and civil service, his issues on education, government service to the people and a new brand of politics.


Urban News - Immigration Laws - August 2007 Issue

At the City Council meeting on July 24, members decided against adopting policy allowing officers at the Asheville Police Department to begin enforcing immigration laws, which include deporting undocumented immigrants.


March 24, 2005 - The Blue Banner - Meet the Faculty: UNCA Physics Professor Michael Ruiz

Ruiz revolutionized teaching physics by designing class-based Web sites, or online textbooks, and providing online teaching vehicles such as Java-based physics applets and programs, saving thousands of dollars. The applets demonstrate physics methods which normally would cost thousands per machine. Ruiz also co-created the Undergraduate Research Program at UNC Asheville.




University of North Carolina at Asheville: May 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with focus on photography, cinematography, journalism, and media studies research.


Academic and professional experience working as part of a production team, or on independent assignments. I am quick to learn and have experience in operating DV Cam, MiniDV, VHS, digital still and 35 mm. DSR-200, Sony

Use a 24" iMac 2.66 GHZ 4 GB DDR3 with Final Cut Pro, Canon Rebel XT 8 MP digital still camera and a Canon XL1 3 CCD Mini DV video camera.

Work experience with the following multimedia programs:

Final Cut Pro versions and Studio
Video Conversion
Media Capture
Adobe CS3
Microsoft Windows/Linux/Mac OS
Web Development Environments: Dreamweaver, Quanta, FrontPage


WLOS(ABC)/WMYA(CW) News 13 HD : Production Assistant July 2008 - Present
Assist in the live HD broadcast of the afternoon and evening newscasts operating studio cameras, Chryon and Deko graphics computers, audio mixing or teleprompter. Also produce locally-tagged promotions for prime-time shows on WMYA.

AETV Channel 16, Asheville City Schools: Camera Operator January-April 2008

The Urban News, Asheville, NC: Reporter, May - August 2007
Wrote hard news and public affairs for monthly multi-cultural newspaper. Covered Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, immigration and election rifts in local city government and important person profiles.
Sen. Obama