January 24, 2011

Shut Up and Let's Make Nasty

Shut Up and Let's Make Nasty by Brittany Waller (VJ Adham Videomix) from Adam Hillberry on Vimeo.

First video mashup. I did it with a non-linear video editor and not vj software. Song by Brittany Waller at http://soundcloud.com/brittanywaller.

January 20, 2011

A New Short Film: 'The Further You Crawl'

'The Further You Crawl' is a short film I wrote and shot during a snowstorm in January 2011 in Asheville, NC. The actors are Casey Morris as William and Aaron Dahlstrom as Robert. Thanks to Molly Freeman for the blood work and Corinne Longman for keeping the shoot orderly. And also the fine actors.